Susan Neder


As of June 2012, I have what is called “Stage III recurrent” colon cancer. We don’t know if the original turmor returned, or if it simply shrunk down small enough to fool the limitations of the PT scans, but either way it is recurrent.

The next step is surgery, and after the surgery I will have about a 50/50 shot at being cured from this. I’ll update on the surgery and the other particulars of this soon.


As of March, 2011— I am cancer Free.


Here’s what we know as of November 15, 2010.  And this likely will be what we know until January (ish).

I have a variation of stage III colon cancer.  It has spread to my lymph system. My surgery last month removed the tumor in my lymphatic system.  According to the PT Scan, it hasn’t spread any further and there are no other areas showing up on the scan.

I’ll begin a combination of chemo and radiation on Wednesday, November 17th that will last at least six weeks, and likely a few more if some breaks are needed during the treatment.  My current doctor has said  he has a 70-80% cure rate for folks with my diagnosis, which is better than the general average (great news).

When we learn more, I’ll make sure to detail it here.

  1. Just thinking of you today and hoping you’re keeping your head up as best you can on this first day of treatment. It occurred to me last night that Diane’s Mom, M’Lou has beat two (maybe 3, but my memory is blurry on that) different types of cancer. She is a scholar like you and she did her own research and selected her treatment path, despite her doctors giving up. She was successful and has learned much about cancer. You might consider visiting with her. Last I knew, she was living in Pagosa in Diane’s modular near the radio station. Much Love, Gina

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