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In Cancer of the "Netherlands", Taking on Water on December 6, 2010 at 8:09 pm

It is the end of the second week of my “DC” adventure in Denver (funny how it feels longer than that!). This has been a frustrating week, because my white blood cell count and platelet levels fell so low that I could not have radiation. I have been getting those daily shots and they finally began to work yesterday, but slowly. By the way, I now know what it feels like to have your bones hurt. It feels like you’ve been run over by a truck. However, I have learned that the more it hurts, the more it is working, so I am not complaining.

I am not allowed to go anywhere near groups of people because when your white cell count is too low so is your immune system, and they told me to stay away from sharp objects because my platelets are so low (that has to do with an ability to clot), but it does make me sound a bit mental, doesn’t it? The doctors say that lots of water helps the side effects, so I am now taking on more water than the Titanic on that fateful night – 100 oz or more everyday. The way I am managing that is to drink 8 oz of water each hour I am awake. It is not overwhelming that way and it works. I will keep that up “AC”…glub….glub…..

If you have any spare white blood cells or an overabundance of platelets, please send them up here. ¬†Every day I can’t have radiation just prolongs the process and I am NOT a fan of that!