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Monday After Thanksgiving

In Cancer of the "Netherlands", Not a Diet Plan I'd Recommend on November 30, 2010 at 7:41 pm

The Monday after Thanksgiving: The “Netherlands” enjoyed their 4 day break form the “radiation riviera”, but we are all back at it again today. The mouth and throat sores are more manageable now since I have something the doctors call “magic mouthwash”. It numbs your entire mouth and throat, which isn’t a great feeling either, but MUCH better than the alternative!

The lesion on my eyeball is troubling to the doctors, so I am being sent over to an eye doctor. Maybe he has “magic eyewash”. This thing on my eye does not hurt, but it feels like there is something in your eye that should not be there, which is, of course, the case.

They also aren’t pleased that my white blood cell count is down. After much mumbling together, they produced a shot that is supposed to tell my bone marrow to make more white blood cells (their words, not mine). I resisted the urge to suggest that perhaps they could just open my mouth and shout down loudly at my bone marrow. They said the shot might make my bones hurt. What? What does that feel like? I suppose if it happens, which it hasn’t, I’ll recognize it, having been forewarned.  But still……

The doctors were also cross because I lost 8 lbs since last Wednesday. Talk about sucking the joy out of every little thing! That was the one tiny little spark of light and happiness in this whole dark cloud and they fussed about it? What is wrong with you silly people? On and off for over 50 years you have peered over your collective glasses at me and suggested I think about losing weight.   Now here I do it, obedient little me, and you gripe about it? ( I wanted to say that, but I didn’t – don’t upset people  holding needles is my motto).  But come on – allow me a little joy here – if I really get skinny (yeah, right!) then you can threaten me with milkshakes and IV feeding tubes, but for now, BACK OFF.