Susan Neder


Cancer was not in my life plan. I was pretty sure I would never get it. I have believed in the mind/body connection for years and have done a lot of personal growth work, so I thought I was immune. Guess what! Not so! Oh well – that isn’t the first thing I was mistaken about and it won’t be the last! So now I get to reinvent myself. The person I was before cancer (BC) is gone. Now I have to design who I am during cancer(DC) and even more important, who I will be after cancer (AC). I just threw away my BC daytimer – I have a new one for DC. I am a scholar, so part of my journey through this will be researching treatments, main stream and integrative, so that we can make informed decisions about choices. However, I also know that I can’t stay in my head, so part of my journey will be an exploration into areas like the heart and the soul – places I have visited but not resided for any length of time. I am very grateful for all of my loving friends and family and I know that I am not doing this alone and I need all the help I can get, so thank you for being there, and I will keep you posted on my progression toward AC.




  1. You’ve got your family, close and far, wrapping a net of love around you! I’ll be with you during your journey. Love you Susan! -Huddie

  2. Hey Susan-
    I just read your web posting and think that this it is more than perfect. Your brilliance and hillarious sense of humor are more than event with your postings. I can visualize you as I read the words. I admire your direction and insights. Know that I am sending mega doses of positive energy your way.
    Love- Lisa
    P.S. The new hairdo is perfect!

  3. And here I sit worried about the smallest thing, my own predicament or the Don Juan that sweet talked his way into my heart. I thought for sure I had faced my own mortality. In this short period of time, I had failed to realize the gifts of life around me and you had brought back those things into focus. You are an inspiration not only for your brave battle, but your incredible sense of humour and keen sense of wit. How you manage to keep a stiff upper lip inspires me to look beyond the small things.. Will I miss the Don Juan? now? yes- later on, after 5 years, I may laugh myself silly. Teachers come into your lives in many forms, and it is so important to stop and listen to the small lessons that weave into the tapestry of your life. I feel your wit and kindness is an inspiration, and am amazed you are sharing your journey with us. It goes without saying my prayers and thoughts are with you. God bless you and your family… Don Juan fades into the background as a renewed gratitude for life enters the picture.

  4. Greetings, Susan, from sunny Pagosa where you are missed. “The more it hurts, the more it’s working” sounds like a bummer … I have never been fond of the “no pain, no gain” paradigm. So, I wish you much pain this week?? (Only so that your treatment works REALLY GREAT!) I don’t know how many white cells I have, enough I guess, but I certainly send you white light.

    I just watched a Greg Braden clip on UTube and thought of you – topic is Curing Cancer Using Our Own Technology of Emotion (quantum healing). First thought was “send this link to Susan”. Second thought was recalling something else I just listened to this morning about not meddling and attempting to “assist” others unless they ask. So I’ll just send you an invitation to ask if you would like the link. I imagine you are receiving many “helpful suggestions” from the many that love you. It’s your path and I wish the very best for you on the journey.

    Love, Bonnnie

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