Susan Neder

A Sense of Humor

In Uncategorized on July 31, 2012 at 2:43 am


Of all the things we think we need when we go into a hospital, the only thing we really need is our sense of humor.

I have been in the hospital twice in the last two weeks – once for surgery and then a second time to treat infections I got during my first stay. Hospitals are full of brilliant, kind people who take care of their patients, but the ambience is somewhat lacking. Maybe it is all that linoleum or those strange looking machines that beep constantly. Rose Medical in Denver is better than most – they have carpet and pictures on the wall, which really helps. And, if that is not fancy enough for you, I discovered they they also have a number of fancy suites on the surgical floor that are accessible only by coded keypad. The reception area looks like a five star hotel, and each suite has two rooms and marble baths,etc. Food is prepared by their own chef. Yep. a guy in a tall chef’s hat and black and white striped trousers, pushing a flambe cart.

Really, people? Really? I do not know how many thousands of dollars it costs to stay in there, but the nurses said that it is for celebrities and very wealthy people who want extra privacy. I did see one patient arrive in a Bentley, with an entourage of minions. He looked like a hip-hop mogul. My question was, does recovery from surgery hurt less in there? I decided no on that – in fact if you laid there and thought about what it was costing you to have your own chef bring you jello, it might even hurt more!

I was much happier out with the “riff-raff”. My daughter-in-law and youngest daughter decorated my room like a tiki bar, complete with white lights and drink umbrellas and hulaed around the room to cheer me up. It worked, of course, and it also cheered up the nursing staff who all came in to get leis so they could say they’d been “leid” at work! A sense of humor and a sense of fun is much more valuable than marble baths and a silly looking chef!


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