Susan Neder

The Battle Returns

In Uncategorized on July 3, 2012 at 3:10 pm


I am very sorry to report that the “Battle of the Netherlands” is beginning its “2nd edition”.

After a year and a half, I thought I was home free. Not so, it appears. Just when I thought it was safe to come out from under the bed, who do I run smack into? The “boogeyman”, again – bigger and scarier than before!

At first I ran through almost every emotion – fear, anger, defeat, disappointment, back to anger and so on. But this time it took much less time for the dominant emotion to surface, and that is determination. After all, my first battle with this monster turned me into a “tough old broad”, so though the other emotions do intrude occasionally for cameo appearances, determination has definitely won the day. I learned in the first “Battle of the Netherlands” about the true power of love and friendship. The outpouring of love and caring is what really saved the day last time and is still there today; I feel it every minute of every day. I carry it with me now and it makes a huge difference.

So off I go to Denver for more tests and talks with doctors. I do not think I am going to like what I hear but I will have my beautiful prayer quilt with me and together we will be ready to hear whatever it is.

  1. You are always in my prayers. I’m sending all of my love to Denver for you! Every last morsel of it!

  2. All of our prayers are with you now.

  3. Thoughts and prayers are going with you to Denver Susan. You are most definitely a warrior!

  4. When you arrive in Denver later this week, turn your face to the North and see if you can feel the breeze full of love and most positive thoughts emanating from Berthoud. Julia and I will keep the airways filled with that “breeze” – particularly on Friday.

  5. Our thoughts and prayers are all on you. Much Love and strength…Lisa & Jim, Jessica & Scot and of course…MaryAnne too.

  6. You’ve fought the good.fight before……you can do it again! We’re with you all the way!

  7. Damn! Love, Suzanne

  8. Susan, you still remain a true source of inspiration for me! I think of you often and just know that you are in my prayers daily.

  9. I agree with Suzanne, damn! I loved what you said, Susan, about the support you got last time and know you will get more of the same this time. Keeping your fighting instincts is half the battle I think, and you’re doing that superbly. Thinking of you and hoping for a great outcome.

  10. Susan heard from Kim that all went well. We’re really happy to hear your good news and that you’re winning your battle with the Netherlands!! We’re hoping to see you again up here in God’s country. Enjoyed your blog!

    Hugs from Catherine & Ed

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