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Balance – Whoa Nellie – there she goes – catch her!

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Ok -this business about balance sounds so….so…so easy, but it is so…so…so difficult! I haven’t got it figured out yet, though I think I am doing better – even on the bicycle – it really is the epitome of all my struggles in every area – sometimes I fall off onto my face; sometimes I am scared of falling; sometimes I do great and I feel so proud; often that is the moment right before I crash!

How do you balance wheat grass, green juice and margaritas?I refuse to give up fun, which means I am trying out margarita recipes with fresh lime juice and agave and stevia. What I know for sure is …..I do not know…… my heroes are people like Jimmy Buffet (yes, I am a parrothead), and Oprah, Jann Pitcher, Kim and Walt Moore, Joann and Karl Irons, Joanne and Ray Laird, Cindy and Ron Guftason, Lynn and Doug Cook, the McKeehans, Terri House, Jessie Formwalt, Codie Wilson – OK – STOP – every single rotarian, too many to name – have made me feel special. So have all the people I know a little or not at all, who send me emails, etc. All you guys are awesome – All I can do to thank you is to tell you that I know what you’ve done for me – same with my big, wild family – thank for your prayers and compassion – all of you have gotten me to where I am right now. T

he issue I am working with right now is how do you balance health and comfort? It would be nice if those two things coincided, but I am a southern girl, so that may not happen. For example, what do you do with chicken fried steak and cream gravy? The ultimate southern comfort food, and also “heart attack on a plate”. I only mention this to illustrate my point. If I choose one thing, I have guilt and remorse; if I make a different choice, I have feelings of sadness and loneliness – which is worse? I don’t know – I just know this is more complex than I thought! Barnyard karma is starting to look easy!