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Comfort foods and healthy eating

In The New "Comfort" Food on April 17, 2011 at 5:43 pm

This business of changing how you eat isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. There is no question that juicing and eating mostly raw foods makes me feel better overall, but it is much more complicated than that when you introduce an emotional attachment to cooked foods, which I have. The situation becomes even more convoluted when you add an emotional attachment to CERTAIN cooked foods – the dreaded “comfort foods”, which, to an old southern girl like me includes things like fried chicken and those really unhealthy yummy substances like cream, butter and cheese! So what’s a good old southern girl to do? Do I have to give up my subscription to Paula Deen’s cooking magazine? Perhaps in the long run that would be best, but for now I am looking for edible substitutes for some of my favorite “evil” foods. Cream and butter are no big problem because coconut milk and almond milk are great and Earth Balance is a good substitute for butter, but cheese…….hmmmm…….vegan cheese substitutes are ok, I guess…their ingredients are natural foods, not chemicals, but things like “pea protein” (what is that?) kind of suck the joy out of a creamy cheese sauce! Oh well, there is no going back on the journey I am on, and I couldn’t anyway because when I do eat something decadent from my old life it doesn’t taste good anymore – what a gyp! No ‘comfort”there! Not only that, but after having eliminated so many things from my diet temporarily during detox, like sugar, dairy, coffee and gluten, I now either get sick or break out in a rash if I eat something I had eliminated. Not everything does this to me, but something does, or a “combination of somethings” does, so now I have to backtrack and figure out what the offending substance is – oh bother! What a novel concept – food for nourishment of the body, not for comfort of the spirit! What am I going to for comfort? I do have a couple of really cute teddy bears…….if you see me in the grocery store with a teddy bear under my arm or sitting in the cart, please be kind; I am still finding my way, and if you accuse me of sleeping with the latest issue of Paula Deen’s magazine under my pillow, I’ll deny it!


Wheatgrass, Bicycles, and Love

In Power of Love on April 4, 2011 at 4:41 pm

Most everything I read about cancer and staying cancer-free says that a major lifestyle change is necessary.

There are many different theories about why people get cancer, but there does seem to be agreement on the idea that cancer cells flourish in a certain environment and can’t live in another environment, and which environment you have in your body is in large part controlled by what you put in your body and on your body. Actually my reading indicated that this is probably true for almost all serious diseases, not just cancer.

Anyway, I have a lot to learn about all this, but it seems clear that eating organic foods is very important, along with lots of fresh vegetables and vegetable juices. Wheatgrass is a great cleanser for removing toxins from your body, so that is how I ended up with two flats of wheatgrass in my laundry room. When I brought them in, my 100% carnivore husband looked at it and said “what’s that stuff?” I told him and he asked what I planned to do with it, to which I replied that I was going to liquify it in a blender and drink it. The look on his face was priceless! “Why would you do that?” he asked incredulously. “Because it is good for me” I answer. “Huh”, he says, looking at me like he is not sure who I am.

He has stayed silent as I carried out all the products in the house that have yucky chemicals in them and replaced them with organic cleaning products. He hasn’t said a word about all the green juices I drink, or asked why I only want to eat organic foods and eggs from local chickens, or why I am not eating much meat or dairy anymore. Is this indifference? I don’t think so – what I think it is, is love. Sometimes love is expressed by keeping your mouth shut and being supportive, no matter how crazy things look. I did get a look of surprise and a grin when I brought home a bike. I used to love riding bikes as a kid and I wanted to find something fun to do outside as the weather improves, so the bike seemed to be a good idea. When I got it home I planned to hop right on it and ride around, so you can imagine my surprise when I went to throw my leg over the back of the bike and discovered that my leg wouldn’t go that high up. When did that happen? Could this mean that I am not as young as I used to be? Or limber? Hmmm…….. Once I managed to get on the thing, I noticed how skinny the tires were, and how it went way too fast, and what is up with that miserably uncomfortable seat? I don’t remember any of this from before. Maybe this wasn’t my best idea – why is this feeling so wobbly as I try to pedal? Through all of this Mike stayed quiet and tried not to laugh. Yep. That’s love!