Susan Neder

Hair today, hair tomorrow!

In Hair Today/Gone Tomorrow--to the Keys! on March 8, 2011 at 10:33 pm

I am noticing that my hair is really growing these days. I did not ever lose all my hair – just a lot of it, and it quit growing completely. Now it is growing again, which I think is a really good sign! It does make me face a decision, though: do I stay a “hedgehog” or go back to something more traditional? Lots of people have told me they like the “hedgehog” hairdo, but do they really mean it, or are they just being kind? I can’t really tell, so my decision has to be based on what I feel like, not on what others think. Another life lesson? Maybe…….I have decided that I like the “hedgehog” look for now. As shocking as it was in the beginning, it has “grown”on me – pun intended. When my kids told me I looked like a “tough old broad”, I was okay with that. I am taking the money I am saving on cuts and coloring and putting it in a trip fund for the Florida Keys! I reserve the right to change my mind, but for now I am going to explore the “hedgehog/guinea pig” look for a while – I’ve never been a “tough old broad”before!

  1. Keep it! Good grief – how many of us would love to look as good with the “washcloth shampoo” hairdo as you do! No kiddin’ You look really cute! Glad it’s growing though, as that would seem to indicate your system is over the trauma & getting back to normal. See you soon! Love, Jess

  2. Really Dahling–(spoken with a sophisticated elegance and a long cigarette holder in one hand), I think you look quite chic!

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