Susan Neder

Time to Celebrate

In WAHOO! on January 19, 2011 at 6:00 pm

This past week has had several events to celebrate! The first was my birthday. I have not been a big fan of my birthday in recent years, even though I know having them is better than not having them, but this year I was really happy and grateful to have a birthday. Alessi (my 4 year old granddaughter) and I danced to “Staying Alive” at Joe’s Crabshack and I really identified with that song this year!

Another wonderful event was “HighTea” at the Brown Palace Hotel with Will and Libby. If you have never been to the Brown Palace in Denver, it is worth the trip – Will and Libby might even go with you! These were great fun, even though the side effects from radiation have been really awful – they have been narrowing the radiation area I guess, as we approach the end, but ouch! I’m not even sure emu oil could help this!

Anyway, the best event of all is a cease-fire in the “battle of the Netherlands”! Radiation is over and I get to come home! I won’t really know if this is a permanent cease-fire until mid March, but I am living in the moment these days and I am really happy to get some  of those “moments” in Pagosa. I have been told that the effects of radiation will continue for the next three weeks, but I have promised to lay low, take it easy, and behave – a small sacrifice under the circumstances. Ya-Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Wonderful! A homecoming!

  2. Hooray for Susan!!!! Guess your “nethers” will have to survive the trip somehow. Hope you got the book-on-tape I sent. It will help pass the time driving home. See ya soon with love and hugs. Sam

  3. Happy Days!

  4. Yahoo! The “end” is in sight!

  5. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! That is very encouraging news! I am SO happy for you that you get to go home to Pagosa 🙂 Belated Happy Birthday! Love, Gina

  6. Yahoo, indeed! Pagosa is not Pagosa without our resident comic. You BELONG here! I’ll stay away, just in case I an carrying a bug – but would LOVE to do anything for you – just let me know ‘k?

  7. Yipppeeee!!! Congratulations! Happy, happy birthday and may this be a healthy, abundant year!!!

    Enjoy being HOME and be a good girl and take it easy!

    Big hugs and lotsa love,

  8. Well I know it is great to be in your own house for a time with your own pillow, old friends, your own coffee cup and your comfy robe.
    We hope you get to stay there a while, and that the time is well spent, and that you heal.
    Love ya,
    Mike and Dee

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