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In You want to put that WHERE? on January 8, 2011 at 6:12 pm

New Year’s day I woke up with what I thought was a stiff neck (Dr. Mom strikes again!)

I busily ignored it, until the afternoon, when Cindy informed me that my neck was swollen on the side. I managed to get away with ignoring that, also, until the evening, when Cindy said that it was now swollen and red, to which I breezily replied “why don’t we see what it looks like tomorrow and then if we have to, we can call the doctor then”. Cindy’s response was to cross her arms over her chest and stare at me like an angry owl until I weakly added “well, it is a holiday and hate to bother him…..” no response from Cindy – not even a blink – “but I guess we could call if you really think we should…..”.

She was already dialing the phone number. Of course, he said I had to go the the ER ( I was starting to pout) because it could be a blood clot. A BLOOD CLOT? IN MY NECK? YIKES! Those things are even scarier than cancer, so I almost knocked everyone down in my rush to get to the car – the ER is not where you usually want to spend New Years UNLESS a blood clot is involved, in which case it seems like the PERFECT place to be, all of a sudden!

When we arrived this very nice woman did an ultrasound on my neck and as I lay there I could not help thinking about that movie, “My big Fat Greek Wedding” where that crazy old lady told a group of people that doctors had found the skeletal remains of her twin in her neck. I really did not want to laugh, because laughing when waiting to see if you have a blood clot seemed inappropriate, but I could tell Cindy was having the same thought because she did ask the woman if she could tell if it was a boy or a girl – thank goodness the woman had a sense of humor!  Anyway, they found a clot and put me on blood thinners and let me go home, but not before they casually informed me that I would be giving myself shots in my stomach everyday for a while. WHAT? ME? STOMACH? ARE THEY KIDDING? Nope. Not kidding. Me, a huge baby about shots even at my age, had to learn to do this. The shot does not hurt, by the way, just stings a little, once I got past the paralysis of actually sticking myself – one more hurdle gotten over.

What will they think of next?

  1. Oh Susan! What next! You are such a ray of inspiration, and I totally appreciate your sense of humor when faced with a myriad of medical testing and endless poking and prodding. What better way to pass the time (and the fear) than to think of scenes from “My BFG wedding”! Classic, keep the chin up – swollen or not, and the posts coming. Please let us know if you need anything, remember, we are closer to you now, we moved to Conifer! Many hugs and support, Julie, David, Clare and Hope

  2. Happy New year? Jeez.. I love the picture of you in your new hat, though. Too bad it isn’t big enough to cover your new ‘friend’… Hopefully, my Mothers presence is helping you. Unfortunately she sounds like a jack hammer when she sleeps. I can’t imagine how you get through it….and you thought cancer was bad. All joking aside, sending you much love cousin dear. So glad Cindy can be there with you.
    In DREG fashion, you had better been wearing lipstick when you went to the ER or at least had a stiff drink when you got home.
    Thinking of you..

    • Yes, the DREGS are here! Your mother does sound like she is strangling geese when she sleeps, but I have sleeping pills! Of course we wear lipstick to the ER – we are southern ladies! We are still working on how to get emu oil – we have consulted cousin Helen, the wildlife expert! Jane and your mom want me to tell you that they have everything under control…………oh, and your mother cut off her hair – it looks cute – not as short as a hedgehog – sort of Meg Ryanish – Jane says she is considering giving up her “do” for something more freeform, but anyone want to take bets?

  3. Guess what I found….
    for your very own emu oil! Hugs and prayers are with you always!!!

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