Susan Neder

Winter Wonderland:

In In the "Clink" on January 1, 2011 at 7:39 pm

You know, the oncology floor in the hospital is not always the happiest floor in the hospital. Having said that, we did manage to leave them laughing the other day. It seems that stuff just happens to us a lot – not stuff we intend – just things that occur by accident. The best thing that happened to us in my short stay was that my daughter, Emily, accidentally dropped a large jar of cornstarch in the bathroom.

When it hit the floor, it exploded upward, coating the walls, floor and every surface. It was breathtakingly awful and after it happened, we just stood there and stared at each other in horror. If you are a “clean nut”, which both Emily and I are, it was beyond shocking! It was kind of like blowing up an egg in the microwave. I don’t know if any of you have ever done that, but my mother did it once and it was so awful she just wanted to throw the microwave away! Anyway, we did not know what to do. We were still standing there, slack-jawed, when one of the nurses walked in.

She was also stunned at first; cornstarch is the consistency of baby powder and it sticks to everything.Then she started laughing, which set us off, also. She said it looked like a winter wonderland and said it was great of us to bring the snow with us as a decoration. She told all the other nurses, who also loved it, and kept trailing in to look at it like it was a holiday light display. I was afraid the cleaning crew would quit on the spot when they saw it, but the nurses assured us that they had cleaned up much worse so not to worry. You just never know when or where you will find the Christmas spirit popping up!



  1. ♥I loved this story Susan…always something funny & real & alive in your writings…when I see that you have posted one, I “run” to read it. You are uplifting me with your sacred & scary journey of what to do about this thing called Cancer…I am sure that when this is all said & done..when you are on the other side of the tunnel or hill or …that you will be able to have the gift ( which you are creating right now for yourself!) of a totally transformed perspective that most folks never attain in their lives….what a price though for that privilege,eh?! ♥ These stories from your heart & life need to be published into a book soon..with you perhaps as a possibility going on a motivational speaking circuit…after you are well & had a nice vacation somewhere besides a hospital room…and tons of time with just your family & friends lounging somewhere eating ice cream!! I am rambling..however♥ Thank You Susan for your messages of hope to all of us amidst your extreme suffering which we watch helplessly by except for our prayers & good wishes to appease our need to be there for you..Thank you for your good fight & for letting us in to share instead of keeping us out when you can not face all you are facing..Thank you for getting up each day even from a hospital bed & giving me laughter & hope to greet my day with…this New Year’s Day. ♥ A beginning of hope for all to remake what didn’t work last year & for the hopes of new possibilities for all..Especially you my dear Susan!!! From all of “us” we wish you Healing Hope & again our arms around you when you are feeling the most alone & scared. Thank you for your arms around all of us!!♥ All the very best to you, Joy

  2. Ahhh, that’s great! Isn’t it just like Emily to turn an accident into a miracle! Glad she is bringing you Holiday Cheer as she has done for countless years! Love ya! Stay strong.

    Trish B.

  3. That is so funny. I can just see you and Emily staring at each other with white stuff everywhere. When I read your stories I hear your voice and your expressions come through even more so. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A friend of mine, who’s husband has stomach cancer, recommended using emu oil on the ‘nether regions’. She has worked in the cancer wing of our hospital for many years with her service dog. Hoping you are in good spirits today. Much love!!

  5. Your journal updates are a gift to all of us. I agree with Joy that you ought to publish your writings into a book. You have an incredible spirit, an incredible way with words and you’re hysterically funny. We love you and are praying for your recovery daily.

    Love, Gail

  6. You and your wacky family are too much! I never thought a friend’s illness would make me laugh so much! I’m glad your spirits remain high, your family is with you and the prayers from all who love you continue to work. You are an amazing woman!
    Love, JoAnn

  7. Emu Oil — any health food store or buy an emu and render it yourself!

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