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Integrative Treatment – you are doing WHAT with greek yogurt?

In Cancer of the "Netherlands" on December 30, 2010 at 6:57 pm

I have discovered that there is a difference between “alternative” treatments for cancer and “integrative” treatments for cancer. “Alternative” treatments often refer to treatments that are a substitute for traditional chemo and radiation, while “integrative” treatments refer to treatments that are in addition to chemo and radiation, many of which reduce side effects.

This cancer center is a big believer in integrative treatments and recommends certain ones, such as meditation, massage, reflexology, reiiki, and acupuncture. My daughters both know massage, reflexology and reiiki, and the reiiki is especially helpful for sleeping. The funniest integrative treatment recommendation came from my radiation oncologist, who told me to get greek yogurt (plain – no sugar or fruit) and slather it on the “nether regions” to help with pain! After we all stopped laughing she told me it really works. My lead oncologist, who is a guy, loved that so much and laughed so hard that he had to lean against the wall until he stopped laughing so he could see the next patient with some amount of dignity.

He told me later that this information made his day – he said he laughed all afternoon, especially when he thought about us marching into Whole Foods and asking for “topical yogurt” and trying to explain what we were going to do with it! Another integrative treatment that I have always had good results from is Dr. Walt Moore’s Quantum. I can’t explain how it works, except that it reads your energy and adjusts it on many complicated levels. I know many of us don’t believe in stuff we can’t see or understand, but all I can tell you is my personal experience with this. Several years ago I had a very large, very serious ulcer. The doctors said it had to be operated on because it was such a bad one. Walt directed his Quantum on it and when I went back to the doctors to schedule surgery, the ulcer had disappeared. The doctors said that was impossible and reran all the tests but finally said it was some kind of miracle because there was no way it would have disappeared like that. Now, the only treatment I was getting was the Quantum so you tell me; I don’t understand it, but I do think the Quantum was responsible.

Since then, I always want Walt and his Quantum on my healing team! The fact that he is such a kind, sweet man is just a wonderful extra.



P.S. Yesterday in the hospital they gave me a blood transfusion to raise my red blood cells and a shot to raise my white blood cells. The shot usually takes 2 to 3 days to work when the white blood cells are a low as mine were. This morning I felt much better and my white blood cell count was high enough that they let me be discharged, though they had said I would be in the hospital another 2 to 3 days at best. They were very surprised that my white blood cells went up so fast, but I knew that Walt put his Quantum on my white blood cells all last night. Did the Quantum help? You can decide what you think, but me, I am glad Walt and the Quantum is helping me!

  1. It seems allopathic medicine is still stuck in the Newtonian age while we have evolved into the Quantum age. It will be wonderful when integrative therapies include more! The yogurt thing sounds pretty cool! ( literally and figuratively )! I love the idea of “topical” yogurt!

  2. Actually I was so inspired by the “topical yogurt” idea, and having some Greek yogurt already in the fridge, I rushed off to give it a try! IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! And taking a page from the book of a near relative who lives in the panhandle of a state in the nether regions of our great land, who has been doing this sort of thing for years with varied and sundry items, and who is almost always being followed around by a pack of “very friendly” dogs and the occasional barnyard critter, I’m joining the “topical application” fan club!

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