Susan Neder

Christmas Day

In Power of Love on December 27, 2010 at 7:13 pm

It is Christmas Day!  I don’t feel very well, but that is okay because this has been a really great Christmas, thanks to Mike & the kids.  This year it wasn’t about the “stuff”;  it was about being all together & having fun.  All the kids and adorable grand kids are here and the girls put together great meals and lots of fun and atmosphere.  Many of the gifts were funny and it was delightful to be able to sit back and watch Christmas movies and see the little kids be so excited and so funny about the “magic of Santa”.  I have learned this year that the holidays aren’t about “Cecil B. Demille” productions- they are about love and caring.  I really feel like the luckiest person in the world.



  1. A wonderful day to you dear friend. Yes, Christmas isn’t about stuff anymore to me either. It used to be…now it seems that no matter what a teen gets it’s just OK. But my little girls loved every little thing that was fun. We are having a good time with my youngest visiting from Colorado Springs with her 2 little ones. Their daddy with go skiing tomorrow. Tonight we’ll do a meal with all 20 of us and I’m making chili. That would not be your meal of choice right now, huh?
    Think of you dear friend. Sorry you must have this challenging time in your life.
    Oh, Tom’s latest pathology came back negative for those last 20 nodes. But he will still have his PET scan on Friday.
    Love for now, April

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