Susan Neder


In In the "Clink" on December 26, 2010 at 6:22 pm

Sorry for the silence, folks.    The Holiday went pretty well and my mother was in good spirits.  Unfortunately, this morning, she woke up with a high fever and had to go to the hospital where she’ll likely be for a day or two.  They’re checking her counts and everything, but it seems like they’re a bit down.  She’ll post an update as she’s able, or we’ll keep you updated here.


Her white blood cell count was very, very low.  They think there’s an infection at play here but it takes a day or more to get all those tests in.  She’s a bit down about it but is quite strong about it all.  Says she’ll update personally soon. Thanks for all the email, calls, and support.

  1. Our Love and prayers to you!

  2. Suz: Grit your teeth, Sweetheart — our prayers are with you continually! Jess

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