Susan Neder

Update From the Trenches:

In Cancer of the "Netherlands", Lucretia Borgia on December 18, 2010 at 11:59 pm

Update from the trenches in the battle of the Netherlands: Lucrezia is gone, hopefully forever!

Unfortunately, Lucrezia is “the gift that keeps on giving”, so even though she is no longer plugged into me (does that make me “Susan, Unplugged”?) she is still doing her thing with the side effects. It is very hard to talk or swallow (two things I love to do!), and, thanks to the raging forest fire in the nether regions, it is also hard to sit down. The doctors have also told me to keep my legs and feet elevated  – come on guys, how do you do that when you can’t sit down? I am trying very hard not to be cranky, being that it is Christmas week and all, but it is probably good that I can’t get my hands around the doctors’ necks right now.

I better go meditate on gratitude now, but this little duck that accompanies this post kind of sums up my mood today!



  1. Hey there Susan!!! What a funny little duck..singing what you are feeling right now!!! I wish all of us could just decend on you right now tonight and make you laugh or just be silent and hold your hand!…So imagine that we or I are doing just that when you close your eyes…and that we are somewhere like…hmm…at a beautiful resort by the ocean or in the mtns..and we are drinking margaritas ( really good ones!) & just all being together like we used to do….that’s it…keep on imagining that…feeling the love peace comfort even more…& rest easy knowing that we.. I are with you…that’s right all of us whenever you need us. Sleep tight tonight…love you sooo much* Joy

  2. Susan, It’s great that you keep making me laugh when I feel so badly for you! Christmas is a time for reflecting on our blessings & you have been a blessing in my life & this community. You are my prayers.
    Love you

  3. Oh, Suz! Do you think maybe they’d let you sit in a tub of ice? No.. No.. might get freezer burn! You are a delight. I think everything that can be is being thrown at you – but thank God you’re stronger than all of that. Love you! Jessie

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