Susan Neder

Lucrezia is back!

In Chemo/Radiation, Lucretia Borgia, Power of Love on December 16, 2010 at 6:00 pm

I apparently had such a good week last week and my blood counts stayed high, so today the doctors decided “enough of that” and hooked me up to my chemo friend, Lucrezia, once again. She will be with me all week, 24 hours a day, until late Friday afternoon. However, after that, I hope to be done with her forever! The doctors lightened the dose a little because she “kicked my butt so hard last time” (their words, not mine – a netherlands cancer pun, I suppose).

Anyway, Lucrezia is more scary to me than radiation, I think because the side effects are so unpredictable and unpleasant. They just pop up out of nowhere. but I will get through this week, no matter what surprises I get, by using the grace of gratitude and the grace of fortitude, and clutching my prayer quilt like Linus clutching his blanket, because I know it is helping.



  1. Tell old “L” there will be no kicking of anything .. especially the area everyone seems to intent upon!!! Love you! Jess

  2. As tough as this is…I know your attitude, fortitude and gratitude will keep you strong. I know you can feel the prayers that were raised up for you in the quilt. “Susan’s knots to God’s ear” is one of the many components to your healing. And heal you will. It’s amazing how bad you can feel when healing is happening. I remember my mother encouraging me as a child to throw up and “get that poison out of your system”. I sure didn’t want to throw up and as bad as it seemed, the bad made me good again. So see how simple this is! The bad has to happen to make the good come thru! Love you. JoAnn

  3. Ms Susan, to where should I send this package I have for you?


  4. Hang in there! I hope the lower dosage is easier and that this week passes quickly!
    Much Love-

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