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Barnyard Karma

In In the Still of the Night, Karma / Oprah / & 4-H Animals on December 14, 2010 at 7:33 pm

I have now had 12 days of radiation so I am a little over 1/3 done! Yea!

White counts and platelets have stayed up;  thanks to all of you who are sending them – it is working! The “netherlands” are once again ablaze and complaining loudly. Hopefully we are incinerating what needs incinerating and nothing else.

As I sit here thinking about this in the middle of the night (yes, the sleeplessness is back), I find myself contemplating the concept of Karma. I have long thought that there is something to the idea of Karma. We joke about it sometimes, but I have thought it made cosmic sense all along. However, I also remember that someone told me that right now, we are in a time of “instant Karma” , meaning that instead of you “reaping what you sow” in another life, you may get it back in your face right away. An alarming thought, especially for someone in my situation who is experiencing something unpleasant at the moment. I can’t help thinking about whether this could be the result of something karmic. When I put that thought with my condition, I have to wonder if perhaps I have been a “flaming a–hole” somewhere along the way. I can think of a couple of events where I might have earned that designation, maybe……perhaps…..and then, suddenly, I am struck dumb with the realization that there is another event that fits this scenario perfectly, but it would involve “barnyard karma”. Is there such a thing? What a truly terrifying thought!

I will spare you the details, but when we moved here 20 years ago we were “city slickers”and I wanted us to experience animals and farm life. Makes some of you cringe to hear me say that, right? Well it does me also, now, but then I was an animal neophyte except for dogs and guinea pigs so we got chickens and ducks and turkeys and sheep and pigs and horses. I wanted a cow, but Mike put his foot down about the cow, (lucky for the cow), but we had everything else I could find and drag home. Anyway, one of the turkeys bunked in with the chickens for some reason (chickens are mean little buggers, by the way) and the chickens picked on him, literally, slowly, pecking his rear end to the point where it looked seriously messy and painful and I worried that it was infected. (Why the turkey let this happen we will never know, but rumor has it that turkeys are not terribly bright…..). Now I was a mother, and we all know mothers can touch all sorts of disgusting substances, but I was not the turkey’s mother, so I couldn’t see me touching the turkey’s “nether regions”( or him letting me, for that matter), so what to do?  I had a brilliant idea! You know that stuff you spray on sore throats to deaden them, Chloraseptic spray? I thought I could spray it on the turkey’s distressed area and it would deaden it and disinfect it at the same time, right? The part I forgot was that it takes about 30 seconds after the spray goes on that it deadens the area, and before that it burns raw areas like fire. I did not remember that until I sprayed the turkey, at which time he screeched an earsplitting screech and launched himself into the air like a rocket! He eventually did return to earth, but he was even more odd than he was before and ran from me whenever he saw me.(Turkeys obviously have some memory.)

So you can see how this event could fit my situation like a glove, but if there is such a thing as “barnyard karma” I could be in serious trouble here. Am I going to get some sort of karmic payback for all those cute little 4-H projects that went you-know-where? GOOD GRIEF………..I’d better make a pot of coffee – I may be up for a few more hours doing a list of “barnyard karma” possibIlities I need to clear WITHOUT DELAY, but how do I do that? I guess I’ll have to “wing it” (sorry, but I couldn’t resist a little “barnyard karma humor”!)

  1. OK, made me laugh outloud! Now you can get some sleep.

  2. Too funny!
    What I think about the “Karma Thing” is this: how we respond to whatever comes our way determines not only what is to follow, but whether or not we are getting/ have gotten the lesson or purpose of whatever it is that is challenging us. The key is to be at peace with what is. I think it is only from that place that can we make positive change.
    Otherwise, we spew negativity into life and the rebound will be in kind. Hence the term: BUMMER!

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