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In Cancer of the "Netherlands", Power of Love on November 30, 2010 at 7:29 pm

Thanksgiving will never be the same holiday for me again. I always (BC) liked Thanksgiving. I considered it a “Day of Thanks” of course, and at my house it has always been about family and friends, wonderful cooking projects, and football ( the Texas Longhorns always play on Thanksgiving). Having taught history for several years, I always got into the pilgrims and Indians thing. I also considered it a kickoff for Christmas, so as soon as Thanksgiving dishes were done, out came boxes of Christmas decorations. I MIGHT be a bit of an “over-decorator” at Christmas, but I do love it!

This year, of course, is very different; this year I felt really serious gratitude.  Not that fleeting, general gratitude, and I felt it in my heart, not in my head, as usual. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but those of you who “live in your head” will know what I mean. I got so many lovely messages from from friends and family and I started my morning with them. My friend, Terri, sent me a short video on life that was so beautiful that it moved me to tears (good ones). This year my daughter-in-law, Libby, was the lead cook with Emily and Cindy in supporting roles and she did an awesome job! This was her first Thanksgiving as the lead cook and I couldn’t eat much because of the mouth sores, but the food was all great.

This year it was not about the food for me anyway – it was about being with family and being grateful for so much right now; my family, my friends, the people at the cancer center, the treatments themselves, being alive, and a lot more. So I hope I never again get caught up in the “doing” that was Thanksgiving and will always celebrate it with “being” reverence and gratitude as it’s own day, not the gateway to Christmas.

Thanks guys.

Love, Susan

  1. I am right with you on feeling the real gratitude. This year was very different, but in truth, it didn’t feel like a bad thing at all. It seems like a lot of times at thanksgiving the “thanks” part is more of an afterthought. “Let’s everyone go around and say what we’re thankful for” and all that. This year it just kind of gushed. We all had things to be grateful for in the front of our minds. My favorite was Mike’s “I’m thankful for hernias.” Without which, of course, your cancer might not have been found.

  2. Your sense of humor is amazing. You are such a good sport! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Denver kids & grands. Amy’s granddaughter , my great granddaughter, was the big entertainer. She’s 19 months old & talkin up a storm. Amy keeps her on Fridays so we do Skype & read books. We all love being together. Our house has gotten too small but no one wants to sleep next door nor in a motel & miss anything. We are grateful for such an amazing relationship. Some of my siblings kids don’t get along. Well we don’t know any 14 people who want to be together 24/7 for 5 days. So even tho the food is always good the companionship is the best!! I thank God every day for my wonderful family & the blessings of living in this beautiful part o the world. I am grateful for your wonderful example & positive attitude.I do pray for your speedy recovery. Congratulations on loosing weight. We all love the sound of that. If you lose too much I’ll bring you a milkshake!Love you,Lois

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