Susan Neder

Guinea Pig Hair

In Hair Today/Gone Tomorrow on November 30, 2010 at 7:34 pm

Guinea pig hair?  As most of you know, when I got my diagnosis and treatment plan of chemo and radiation, I went ahead and cut all my hair off very short. I did that for two reasons: first, if I was going to maybe lose my hair, I did not want to go through all of the drama of worrying about it, dreading it, etc.  Second, I wanted to send cancer a message – a kick in ITS butt, so to speak.  (Let’s do keep the butt jokes to a minimum, shall we?)

This short haircut is okay and very easy to manage, or so I thought, but when Carol Harper cut my hair she was amazed by the wacky growth patterns on my head – my hair grows every which way, apparently, and the back looks like a series of hurricanes lined up between the west coast of Africa and the Gulf of Mexico during hurricane season. When Cindy arrived from New York she looked at the top of my hair and said “Oh, you have guinea pig hair up on top”. I raced to the bathroom and with the help of several mirrors and some gymnastic moves I was able to confirm that the hair on the top of my head does indeed grow towards the center, like it does on the back of a guinea pig! GREAT. The result is a ridge of hair down the middle that sticks up, like the backbone of an Australian ridgeback or something. Even better. I have been snipping at it with scissors as it grows out because Carol Harper isn’t around, and I  do not want to have a mohawk up there – even a short one!

Of course, my hair has not fallen out yet – right.  I wonder what is next?


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