Susan Neder

Day Six of Chemo & Radiation

In Chemo/Radiation, Lucretia Borgia on November 24, 2010 at 5:44 pm

Lucrezia and I parted company yesterday afternoon.  I won’t get her back for a few weeks, however the effects of her will continue to be with me – hopefully she zapped a bunch of cancer cells – which would make  the side effects ALMOST tolerable! Yes, it is that time, side effects are beginning to appear.  The Netherlands “fired a shot” over my bow, so to speak, and informed me that they had had quite enough of all this bright light and could they please be left alone ……. it was with great gentleness and sympathy (it would not do to enrage them any more) that I had to tell them that wasn’t going to be possible.  They did not seem to take the news well.

As for the side effects, you really do not want to know.  Let’s just say I have been issued a whoopie cushion and a bottle of odd smelling liquid which is to numb the inside of my mouth and throat. I was asked by a nurse if I still had any taste buds (that does not seem to bode well for what may be coming).

The good news is that my daughter, Cindy, got here yesterday from New York – she will be helping me for the next several weeks, and she is doing awesome things for me already – she cracked everyone up by informing me that she thought I looked “rad” – she was referring to my hair, not realizing she had made a radiation joke – I told her that I was, indeed, “rad” and she might want to stand back a bit!

Love to everyone,


  1. I love your writing, Susan, and while I wish it had nothing to do with the cancer experience, I can honestly say your attitude and good heart that comes through your blog are as healing as any chemo. I’m there with you, Girlfriend! Hang in there and let’s give thanks for all the wonderful treatments that are now available! They’re saving your life! Blessings and hugs,

  2. Oh, ouch, dear friend! Glad Cindy is there to add to the humor around there. She’ll do the trick. Sending love your way — you’re in my thoughts & prayers all of the time. Jess

  3. I didn’t know the Netherlands were in trouble until today when I looked on facebook. I haven’t been keeping in touch with everyone like I should. Although I’m thrilled the prognosis is in your favor, I’m heartbroken that you are having to go through this. As always, you treat difficulties with humor and that is evident on this site.

    So, in the future I’ll honor your humor and lay off the hard stuff, but know you are in my prayers.

    aka Janice

  4. Susan, it’s good to see that you have retained your sense of humor. I know that is not easy. Janet and I just returned from visiting a friend in Texas. She recently had a large section of her colon removed, as well as her ovaries. She has had seven chemo treatments. As of right now, THERE IS NO SIGN OF CANCER! I hope you have the same experience.

  5. Great – I love the hard stuff. I write weird stuff when I drink! LOL. In fact, I have a poem for you to help us focus on the changes in our bodies. You know me…I have a poem for everything.

    Where Did My Eyebrows Go?
    By Janice Rodocker

    I glanced in the mirror on my way out the door
    but stopped when I noticed I needed some more
    definition to my face as my forehead seemed large.
    From my eyes to my hairline, my face was discharged.

    It was blank and vacant of charm and expression,
    void from my hairline to my socket depressions.
    Where were my eyebrows? Did I forget Mabellene?
    I swear I’ve used it since I was a teen.

    But there it was just as plain as my face.
    My eyebrows seemed absent without even a trace.
    The hairs struck awkward poses of presense,
    blond and invisibile, sparce with no essence.

    Where are my eyebrows, I know they were there.
    Just yesterday or Friday, I saw them, I swear.
    Or maybe the pencil was brown and not blond?
    Something has happened and it’s from the beyond.

    Who decides when we see what we see.
    The invisible things that have crept up on me.
    The wrinkle, the sag, the earlobe in drag.
    My eyebrows are missing, it’s driving me mad.

    I’m working on my butt poem but I can’t stop laughing linng enougk toe geeeeeeeeeet my spellink rite.

    Update: I’m doing great. Manager of Policy Dept. for insurance carrier. All girls! They know all about the superglued pencil on the desk – the xmas tree (s) extravaganzas, the (thing) in the microwave…MAN! We laugh hard on that one.

    I’ll write more later – this one is long. Big huggs and lots a prayers.


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